Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Tea

Hemp tea, as the name suggests, is like your everyday tea with hemp added for extra oomph. 

Quality hemp tea is made using the hemp plant, so you’ll benefit from the effects of CBD whilst enjoying a relaxing cup of tea. 

With the rise of hemp and CBD in the wellness industry, there are plenty of questions to be answered, if you’re unsure of what exactly hemp tea is and the benefits it has, read on why you might want to consider it next time you sit down for a cuppa. 

What is hemp tea? 

Hemp tea is in fact tea made with hemp, allowing you to benefit from the multiple benefits of CBD whilst enjoying a cup of tea at the same time. 

CBD comes in many different forms these days, and hemp tea is just one of the ways to enjoy it. The ease of making a cup of hemp tea is another big benefit of it. 

The hemp plant is a species of Cannabis Sativa, whilst they may be related to the marijuana plant, there is one notable difference, hemp contains little to no amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound. 

Hemp tea is another type of herbal tea that is brewed from the hemp plant. There are many different flavour options to choose from. 

Types of CBD tea

There are numerous types of CBD tea on the market, made in different ways. Some you’ll find that hemp oil is extracted from the plant and then infused into the tea leaves. 

Other ways you’ll find that hemp tea flowers, the flowers from the hemp plant, have been dried. This way you’ll get all of the rich terpenes and compounds from the plant in your tea. It’s harder to determine CBD levels using this product, as it’s a natural product, no two batches will be the same. 

What does hemp tea do?

Hemp tea is another easy and convenient way to consume your daily dose of CBD. If oil tinctures, vaping or edibles aren’t to your taste, or you’d like another way of consuming CBD, then hemp tea might just be the option for you. 

Hemp tea has a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, and people have reported multiple benefits after drinking it. 

Does hemp tea make you high?

No, drinking hemp tea will not make get you high. Hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC, the psychoactive compound, so whilst you may feel more relaxed after drinking a cup of hemp tea, it won’t give you a ‘high’ feeling. 

Is hemp tea legal?

Yes, hemp tea is legal as it contains only trace amounts of THC in it. As always with CBD products, it is best to buy from a reputable seller to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product that is grown legally and safely. 

Is hemp tea good for you?

Hemp tea is free from caffeine and rich in antioxidants, making it a great choice for you to consume daily. Here are the different benefits to drinking hemp tea: 

Reduce anxiety - Hemp tea with CBD has anxiolytic effects, helping to increase calmness whilst regulating your mood. 

Alleviate chronic pain - Hemp tea produces endocannabinoids, these will help to reduce pain naturally. 

Reduce inflammation - CBD has been shown to help reduce inflammation in the body. 

Ease nausea - Thanks to the cannabinoids in hemp tea, drinking this will help to relieve nausea, as well as reduce muscle cramps in the stomach. 

Boost heart health - thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp tea you can boost your heart health by drinking it. 

Does hemp tea help you sleep?

There has been some research that suggests that CBD can help boost the quality of your sleep, and people have suggested that it activates the sleep hormone to help you fall asleep too. However, there is limited research in this area to definitively state that it will help you sleep. 

Hemp tea is free from caffeine, however, so this can be beneficial to helping you get and stay asleep. 

How to make hemp tea at home 

There are various ways to make and enjoy hemp tea at home, it all depends on the product you buy. 

The important thing to remember is that you’ll need to use hot water to activate the CBD molecules. However, if ice tea is more to your taste, then you can simply leave it to cool after pouring in the hot water. 

This recipe for CBD Flower Chai Latte is one of our favourite ways to enjoy hemp tea. 

Where can I buy hemp tea? 

Hemp tea is readily available from a number of different retailers, however, it’s important that you take the time to ensure that they are a reputable seller with high-quality products. Take time to research and find the right product for you. 

Can you smoke hemp tea?

It is possible to smoke or vaporise hemp tea, however, it’s not recommended that you do so.

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