How Is CBD Oil Made

Before we dive into the question of “how is cbd oil made”, let’s first distinguish the difference between hemp and marijuana. Although both hemp and marijuana are forms of the cannabis plant, there is a key difference.

Hemp plants need to be grown under certain conditions and must contain a very low amount of THC. Because of the small amount of THC, hemp is non-psychoactive.

Our CBD Oil is made from 100% organic hemp plants grown in organic soil and combined with a carrier oil (MCT), to ensure that you receive full-spectrum CBD Oil that utilises all of the natural compounds found in the plant.

How is CBD Oil made?

The process of creating CBD Oil begins by planting the hemp plant. The soil is prepared and tested to ensure that it is organic before the seeds are planted, and the seeds can be planted close together to ensure a great yield with less land use.

Once the hemp is fully grown and it begins to flower, the cannabinoids (what we call CBD) are concatenated to the resin glands. This is when we harvest the plant, and flowers are tested to ensure that they meet the criteria in order to be processed and sold legally within the UK.

After the plants are harvested, they are cured or air-dried in a well-ventilated area to ensure that the process is done correctly. Once they are dried, the flowers (where the resin glands and CBD reside) are stripped for extraction. 

The extraction process

This is the process of removing the CBD extract from the resin glands in the hemp plant, and turning it into an ingestible supplement, or a topical cream.

The extraction process can be done in a number of ways, but the end result will always achieve a thick dark oil that is almost black. One extraction method is called ethanol extraction and is achieved by soaking the plant in high grain alcohol.

Another method typically used is called CO2 extraction, which uses carbon dioxide to isolate the CBD at extremely low temperatures. This process requires high-end equipment but is rather effective. Another popular method for extracting CBD oil is oil extraction, and this is when a hemp plant is heated and cooked with a carrier oil that can extract the CBD oil safely. 

Creating our products 

Once we have the purest form of CBD, we can get to work on creating our products! Shop our products here, and find out more about us here.

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