How to calm your mind using quick and easy remedies

World Mental Health Day 2022

How to calm your mind using quick and easy remedies.


Mental health affects a large proportion of our society in 2022. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. In England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week, according to a survey taken by

While it is always encouraged to seek advice from your doctor is your feel you are suffering from any form of stress, anxiety or mental health, there are some naturally easy steps you can take to help calm and refocus your mind. This doesn’t usually take away whatever is causing your stress or anxiety, but it can help you come back at it with a new focus and a calmer outlook.

Incorporating time to relax your mind into your daily routine is known to have numerous benefits that could even help minimise stress and anxiety occurring in the first instance. These could include;

  • Improving your sleep quality
  • Improving digestion
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Reducing fatigue
  • Controlling your heart and breathing rate

We have listed some tips and tricks for ways to help you calm and relax your mind quickly, that you can use not only when you feel like you really need them, but that you can introduce into your new daily routine and help contribute to your wider mental and physical wellbeing too.

Breathing exercises

Focus on your breath. Deep breathing can be very relaxing and can help calm down a busy mind.

  • Try to breathe with your diaphragm, where your stomach rises when you breathe in, rather than your chest
  • Breathe in for a count of four or five, then breathe out for the same count
  • Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth

Following breath work meditation sessions is something that a lot of people find helpful if needing some guidance and focus when it comes to concentrating on your breathing rate.

Exercise to relax (how ironic)

I know you might think exercise is definitely not what you’d usually do to relax, however its been proven that ‘active relaxation’ can help aid anxiety and restore calmness. Gentle exercise can be great to keep the mind and body feeling positive. You could try;

  • Going for a walk in nature. Submerging yourself in greenery or just getting some fresh air can be a great aid to help you feeling more relaxed.
  • Yoga or Pilates. This type of class or even a YouTube tutorial could be a good place to start if you prefer a type of exercise that helps focus your mind on the activity in front of you, instead of worrying over your stresses.
  • Seated exercises. They can simply be done on any chair at home and don’t require any equipment. Great for squeezing into a busy schedule.

CBD Products

Many people say they felt calmer and more relaxed after consuming CBD products. Ongoing medical studies are being undertaken to help identify the correlation between CBD and the effects on the mind and body.

However, it is suggested that CBD could help aid consumers relaxation potentially helping them sleep better, focus more, and calm the mind.

Listen to music

What’s your favourite playlist? Most people have their go to songs that they love, or maybe its an album that reminds you of a specific time, place, or a person?

Listening to these songs can help your mind switch off from whatever you’re feeling stressed or worried about and take you to another place.

Sing, dance, lip sync or hum your favourite tune. Whatever you fancy to help your mind switch off. It can help you take a much-needed rain check on whatever it is that’s bothering you.

Read a book

Similar to listening to music, reading a book that provokes your thoughts whether it be a fabulous fiction that takes you to new worlds, or a factual novel that intrigues your deep thoughts, you can get lost between the pages.

It’s never too late to pick up a book, read at your own pace, and help calm and relax the mind. You may find it even helps you drift off to sleep.

If you’re finding that you’re unable to relax or switch off from what is bothering you or causing any type of anxiety, and it means you’re no longer able to carry on with normal daily life, you can find more help and support on the CALM website or you can speak to your GP.



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