How to Make Hemp Flower Tea

Hemp is a botanical herb that you’ll find in many different items including protein powder, CBD oil, dairy-free milk, clothing and much more. Today we’re looking at hemp flower tea, how to make it, the benefits of drinking it and much more. 

Hemp flower products are making a powerful impact in the health and wellness industry with plenty of people touting the benefits of the hemp flower. 

Whilst it can be used in many different forms, we’re here to look at drinking it by making a delicious tea that boasts not only physical benefits but mental benefits too - sipping a warming cup of tea is the best way to end a stressful day - right?! 

Is there THC in hemp flower tea?

THC is a cannabinoid that has psychoactive effects, by nature you’ll find that the hemp flower has very low levels of THC. 

You’ll likely feel more calm and relaxed after drinking a cup of hemp tea, but if you were to drink a cup of tea with high levels of THC you’re likely to experience feelings of paranoia or anxiety.

What are the benefits of hemp flower tea? 

Drinking tea alone boasts many benefits. There are plenty of different types of tea on the market that you can enjoy and thanks to their antioxidant properties, vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory properties you’ll also see health benefits. 

When you add CBD hemp flower you’re boosting those health benefits with the therapeutic effects of the hemp flower. 

CBD is also known for helping to alleviate anxiety, as well as lessening pain in certain ailments. This of course comes down to the person drinking the tea, and the amount of hemp that is found in the cup. 

Drinking your CBD in a cup of tea is a great choice for those who don’t like the taste of CBD alone, with the addition of tea you’ll mask the taste of CBD and enjoy a cup of tea in the process. 

Get a better night’s sleep - the relaxing benefits of CBD have been scientifically proven. A study from 2019 found that sleep had improved for more than 66% of patients in the study after a month of taking CBD. Drink your CBD with a chamomile or peppermint tea to help enhance the relaxing benefits of CBD. 

Boost skin’s health - CBD has been found to have strong antioxidant properties, these antioxidants can help to fight the free radicals which can damage our skin’s health over time, causing wrinkles and ageing effects.

The Methods of making hemp flower tea

Typically there are two different methods to make your tea, you will either steep the hemp tea flower in water, much like you would a herbal tea. Or you can add your CBD oil or tincture to your favourite cups of tea and enjoy it that way. 

Steeping your hemp tea 

Our Perfectly Ground Hemp Tea Flower is a delicious and easy way to enjoy the benefits of CBD tea. You can buy this tea flower in a selection of five different strains, White Widow, Gelato, Strawberry, OG Kush and Super lemon haze. Please note that they each come with different percentages of CBD. 

To make your cup of hemp flower tea you’ll need a tea infuser and of course a kettle to boil the water. Measure your tea into the infuser, and once the water has boiled add to the cup with the infuser. It’s best to let the tea steep for at least three minutes. 

Once you’ve allowed the flower to infuse the water the final step will help ensure that you get the benefits of the CBD flower. You can do this by adding a dose of fat to your tea, in the form of milk or coconut oil. CBD hemp flower is fat-soluble, so you’ll need the addition of fat to ensure that the body can absorb the CBD and benefit from the properties of the hemp flower. 

It might take a little getting used to the taste, but there’s no need to keep it as it is. You can add in ingredients like honey, lemon, cinnamon or sugar to give your CBD tea an additional flavour. Play around with tastes and find out what your favourite way is. 

Adding it to your favourite tea 

If you already have a favourite CBD oil, but don’t like the taste, or want to try a new way of upping your intake, then you might simply want to add a few drops to your favourite cups of tea. Simply make the tea as you always do and add in your drops, how much depends on you and how long you’ve been taking the tincture. 

Top tips for making Hemp Flower Tea

When making your own hemp flower tea you’ll need hot water to activate CBD molecules. Using the tea flower in a cold brew infusion won’t garner the same effects. However, if hot tea really isn’t your cup of tea, then simply brew it with hot water and let it cool before you drink it.  

Add lemon peel, without much white pith, or a cinnamon stick to your cup of tea and keep it in the cup to let the flavours slowly infuse, this method won’t overpower the taste of the tea. 

Try different kinds of milk to offer different flavours to your tea, you might find that almond or coconut milk gives your hemp tea a completely different flavour than regular cow’s milk. 

Are there any side effects to drinking hemp flower tea? 

It’s unlikely that you’ll see any side effects when drinking hemp tea, however, it’s important to note that you stick with the recommended doses when making your tea. Whilst it isn’t toxic, it can interfere with some medication, so it’s important that if you’re taking regular, prescribed medication that you consult your doctor before starting to enjoy hemp flower tea. 

When’s the best time to drink CBD tea? 

You can drink your hemp flower tea anytime that you like. However, if you’re adding in oil to pre-bought shop teabags and they have caffeine, you’d be best avoiding these later on in the day. 

Hemp flower tea is the perfect choice of drink when you’re not feeling your best, as the antioxidants can help boost your wellbeing, and the relaxing and comforting characteristics of a warm cup of tea can work wonders for you too. 

How long until you feel the effects of CBD tea? 

There isn’t scientific evidence to support how long after you’ve drunk a cup of CBD tea that you’ll start to feel the effects. It’s likely that’ll take longer than if you were simply ingesting an oil under your tongue. Your liver will have to metabolise what you have ingested along with your hemp flower. 

It’s likely that it will take roughly around 30 minutes to an hour for the effects to set it, but it could take up to two hours for some people.

How often can you drink hemp flower tea? 

It’s important that you enjoy your cups of hemp flower tea in moderation, even more so if you’re taking CBD in other methods alongside this too. It’s important to keep a record of how much CBD in milligrams you intake daily, and keep track of all of the ways you enjoy the hemp flower. If you’re only ingesting CBD in a cup of tea, then two or three cups a day should be plenty to get a decent dose of the hemp flower. But it’s important to build up how much CBD you intake, so start with just one cup a day and then build it up after a week or more. 

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