The Best CBD Brownies Recipe

Brownies are the ultimate in indulgent treats, gooey, chocolatey and delicious, they’re hard to resist. Add in CBD and you’ve got yourself a snack that will work to benefit you in many different ways. 

CBD boasts multiple benefits and by adding it to your brownie recipe you’ll get the mood-boosting effect that comes with enjoying the food you love. 

Here we share the best CBD brownies recipe to allow you to reap the rewards of CBD in your lifestyle with the added deliciousness of rich brownies. 

Why You Should Consider Cooking With CBD 

Cooking with CBD oil has many pros that you might want to consider. First up, they taste a million times better than simply ingesting CBD oil under your tongue. Whilst you do get used to the CBD taste after a while, you can’t deny that you’d enjoy it much more wrapped up in your favourite foods. 

Cooking with CBD oil makes it much more convenient to take it whilst you’re on the go too. It can be easy to forget to drop the oil in your mouth when you’re busy. But in all likelihood you’re not going to forget to eat all day, so you’ll keep your CBD levels topped up throughout the day with CBD snacks. 

What’s more, taking CBD in your food is a much more conspicuous way of ingesting it. If you’re at work or out and about, you might feel self-conscious dispensing oil under your tongue, but no one is going to look twice at you eating food.   

It’s important to remember that you might not feel the effects of CBD by eating it in foods as quickly as you would by ingesting it. So keep this in mind when you’re eating food that contains CBD. Your metabolism may also play a part in reducing the effects of the CBD, so it might take some practice with getting the dosages right for you. 

Getting The Right Dosage When Cooking With CBD 

Cooking with CBD is relatively straightforward, meaning you can enjoy your favourite food and snacks whilst benefiting from the effects of CBD. 

The most notable thing about cooking with CBD is finding the right dosage for you. 

If you’re making a meal just for yourself, then simply add in the amount of CBD you would typically take in one dose. 

If you’re making a batch of food, like these brownies, you’ll need to add in enough CBD to ensure that you get a full dose in each part of the food that you eat. 

As an example, if you take 10mg of CBD each day and you’re making a batch of eight brownies, then you’ll need to add 80mg to the entire mixture and mix it around evenly. When you cut up the brownies into eight pieces there should roughly be 10mg in each piece. 

The Best CBD Brownies Recipe - Ingredients 

  • 40g cocoa powder 
  • 185g good quality dark chocolate 
  • 185g unsalted butter
  • 85g plain flour 
  • 50g white chocolate
  • 50g milk chocolate 
  • 3 large eggs
  • 275g golden caster sugar 
  • CBD oil of your choice 

Instructions For your CBD Brownies Recipe

Get the unsalted butter and dark chocolate into a bowl, break the chocolate up into small pieces, and cut the butter into cubes so it breaks down more easily. 

Now use a saucepan of hot water on low heat and place the bowl so it rests on the pan, you’re aiming to melt the chocolate and butter together. You could melt them in the microwave, just keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn. 

Let the chocolate and butter mixture cool down. Get the oven on ready to warm up, you’ll place the pan on the middle shelf and you want the temperature set to 180C/160C Fan/gas mark 4. Line a shallow baking tin with baking paper. 

Over another bowl sieve the plain flour and cocoa powder into it, ensuring you get rid of any lumps. 

Chop the white chocolate and milk chocolate into small chunks. 

In another bowl mix the eggs with the golden caster sugar. If you’re able to use an electric mixer to whisk together, it can take at least three minutes. Obviously much longer if you’re whisking by hand. When it’s ready it’ll be pale, thick and creamy and the volume of the mixture will have almost doubled in size. 

When this mixture is ready, pour in the cooled chocolate mixture and fold together. Be slow and gentle with the mixture till you get a dark brown colour. 

Next sieve in the cocoa and flour mixture and fold it together. It might take a while, but you’ll get a fudgy mixture. Here is where you’ll want to add in your CBD oil too. Make sure you take your time to spread it evenly throughout the mixture. 

Stir in the milk and white chocolate chunks. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin. 

It’s now ready for the oven, bake for 25 minutes. 

Let the brownies cool completely before you try taking them out of the tin. Once out, cut them up into your desired sizes, making sure they roughly have your daily dose of CBD in them. 

CBD Brownies Recipe Storage And Tips 

Once you’ve cut your brownies into the serving size, wrap them individually in tin foil. They will keep in the fridge for two weeks, or in the freezer for up to six months. 

If you want to jazz up the recipe, there are multiple add-ins you mix into the CBD brownies recipe, such as chopped hazelnuts or walnuts, a swirl of nut butter or jam, pieces of your favourite chocolate bars, the choice is endless. 

The great thing about eating this CBD brownies recipe is that you can enjoy something delicious with the added benefit of supporting your wellness with CBD oil. They can help promote relaxation and give you the opportunity to sit back and relieve yourself from everyday life stresses. 

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