Harlequin - Hemp Tea Flowers 17.3 % CBD

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Harlequin  Hemp Tea Flowers


A sweet and earthy strain. Harlequin is the perfect choice for those who want to experience a fruity sweet relaxing strain. Sativas are great to take in the daytime or nighttime. Typical Sativas have lower levels of CBD and higher levels of THC.


Harlequin is a real Sativa-dominant strain first created by crossing Columbian Gold Swiss landrace and also a Thai strain. Harlequin is fruity and earthy strain with notes of sweet mango. It has a relatively high CBD content.


CBD​​​ 17.3

THC <1 mg per closed container

The difference is the quality

At Natural Strains, we've made it our mission to source only the purest, highest quality hemp tea flowers available, while ensuring our operations and packaging are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We want our customers to buy with confidence, that's why everything we do is dedicated to ensuring we offer the best legal weed in the UK.

Our CBD Hemp Tea Flowers are 100% legal, are Non-GMO and grown in organic soil with only organic fertiliser. They contain the lowest amount of THC possible, so you can enjoy all of the benefits without the psychoactive effects. The flowers come in in a recyclable mylar bag.

Cannabinoids & Terpenes at a glance

Terpenes add the botanical aroma and flavour and contribute to the properties of the hemp, along with the cannabinoids.

What are hemp tea flowers?

Rich in CBD, hemp tea flowers (otherwise known as legal hemphash, weed, or bud) are the flowers from the hemp plant that have been dried. All of the rich terpenes, vitamins and therapeutic compounds remain.




Always start with a lower dosage, increasing until the required effect is reached


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18

Do not use if you are pregnant 

Due to our industrial hemp being a natural product, no two batches are identical, therefore CBD % will differ between batches.



  • Indica 25%
  • Sativa 75%
  • Happy 100%
  • Relaxed 65%
  • Uplifted 100%
  • Creative 90%
  • Focused 90%